Hello my name is Dorothée and I'm a Cultural Anthropology student from Göttingen, Germany. Welcome to my master thesis questionnaire about boardgames
What is your Age?

What gender do you indentify with?

For pure statistical purposes I have only chosen the common gender dychotomy male and female. I do know that there is so much more inbetween those two and that gender itself can be extremely fluid even changing from one moment to the next. YOU DON'T HAVE TO ANSWER THAT QUESTION!

What is/are your Nationality/Identity/ies? *

What kind of boardgames do you play?

The categories are taken from www.boardgamegeek.com (You can choose more than one answer)

How often do you play boardgames? *

What was your first boardgame?

What is your favourite boardgame?

Have you ever heard of the term German Style Board Games (gsbg)? *

If you're not sure what a gsbg is, you can look it up on www.boardgamegeek.com
Please name any German Style Board Game(s) you can think of

Do you own any of the gsbg games listed above?

Do you still play any of the listed games?

What do you like best about gsbgs?

What do you not like about gsbgs?

Have you ever thought about designing a board game yourself? *

What qualities do you think a good board game should have? *

How much time do you devote to playing games? *

In what contexts do you play? *

for example with friends, family, onlie etc.
Would you be awailable for en extended interview via email, skype, etc.? (You can leave your contact information here if you like)

Thank you for your time and your attention. You helped me a lot with my master thesis on German Style Boardgames.
If you know anyone who likes gsbgs and would be interested in this survey, feel free to share it.
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